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This is not your normal "how to bartend" kind of guide – this is a "LAST BARMAN POET" style series – where you’ll get a real feel for a bartender’s lifestyle and day to day facings.

Thanks again for reading the bartending series and let’s help promote Shawn Soole – he’s a great guy and an awesome writer!

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Shawn Soole - The Bartending Series Writer

I started in the industry about 9 years ago in a small 4.5-star hotel in my home town of Brisbane. I started off as a handyman, changing lights and all the nasty things no one else wanted to do. One night the F&B Manager asked me if I wanted to work at a wedding that night, and I did.

That night was the night I fell for her, the industry, the people and the life. After that night I started working my way through the ranks and eventually became the jack of all trades within the F&B department. I would do banquets during the day and then work the bar in the restaurant at night.

As my passion grew, so did my will to become the best at what I did. I have served and bartended in almost every facet of the venue, I have worked in hotels, pubs, clubs, cocktail bars, restaurant, and resorts. I love every aspect of the industry, every style of service.

However, my true passion is cocktails, classics and nouveau vogue. I have been in about two dozen state cocktail competitions, organized a few international cocktail and flair competition and judged just as many. I pride myself on trying to be the best barman I can be and trying to make others feel like they can exceed their own expectations.

As I found more and more how well cocktails fit me behind the bar, I started on the quest to perfect the classics while still trying to advance ways to make cocktails. In doing so, I've read every cocktail book I could and I am constantly on the hunt for new ingredients, new methods and new styles to keep me at the cutting edge.

I decided to start writing this series because I felt the need to get my feelings for this life I've chosen down on paper for others to enjoy and to relate to. I hope you enjoy it.


Shawn Soole

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Bartending Series with Shawn Soole

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